Satori, L.M.T license# MA60496637

My dream is for you to experience pain-free, limitless living. I customize every massage and coaching session to support your individual needs. Every massage session is individualized depending on the unique musculature of your body, drawing from my knowledge of Eastern and Western therapy techniques. Every coaching session is individualized to help get to the root cause and help you live a more limitless life through nutrition and lifestyle changes utilizing my knowledge of Integrative coaching techniques. 

Harmony of body and spirit

When you first visit Satori, she’ll ask you a profound question: “How would your life change if you felt limitless?” The genuine care and excitement in her voice speaks to her love of massage therapy and long-term commitment to your wellbeing. her love of massage therapy, Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching and her long-term commitment to your wellbeing. 

Satori will encourage open discussion of your needs, aches and pains. She’ll blend modalities with your treatment preferences for a fully customized therapy plan. And after your massage, you’ll leave feeling a little closer to limitless.

A healer at heart, Satori discovered the healing modality of massage therapy and integrative nutrition health coaching in her search for a way to help liberate those who struggle with pain, discomfort. or limitations in their life. This inspiration swiftly developed into a passionate calling. Satori’s natural sense of empathy combined with her technical proficiency make her an excellent massage therapist and health and wellness coach. Satori seeks to build a relationship with every client, rooted in confidence and comfort. Providing a quiet and relaxing refuge from the stressors of daily life, traumatic events, and medical obstacles.

Certifications & Expertise