Private Pay Options

We accept all forms of private pay, including cash, check, HSA and FSA transactions, as well as all credit cards. Please contact us to learn more.

Accepted Insurance

We’re working hard to offer as many different insurance options as possible! If you don’t see your Insurance below, please click here to contact us to find out if it will soon be available. At this time, we accept Kaiser Permanente and United Health Care. Each provider is credentialed individually. 

Always check with your own health insurance provider. You should always check with your own health insurance plan before getting care to make sure you understand your covered benefits and costs.

Our office will accept and submit billing to in-network and out-of-network, primary and secondary insurance policies, that provide coverage for  massage therapy.  The following information may change without notice.
There are many groups within an insurance plan, so we ask that you contact your insurance company and feel free to reach out to receive an insurance verification tool to confirm provider status with your insurance plan and group.

Cash Rates

Please call the office at (360) 366-8398 for our current cash rates.

Massage Therapy Prescriptions

Aetna, Cigna, Labor and Industry, Personal Injury claims, and Health Management Admin and some other insurance plans require massage prescriptions. Please contact your insurance carrier to find out if your plan requires a prescription on file for medical necessity before booking an appointment. Please list your primary care provider on your intake and notify us on the need for a prescription of file prior to the time of your massage treatment, and we can try to acquire that prescription for you.

Auto Accidents:

Injuries related to motor vehicle accidents are generally covered in full by the auto insurance policy’s P.I.P. component.  Call your auto insurance agent to verify what your personal injury protection coverage is and to find out if a  referral is required from your primary care physician.


Medicare does not cover Health Coaching, Reiki or massage therapy.  Our office has special rates for those who qualify. 

In-Network Insurance Billing:

Insurance claims are delivered electronically, or in some cases by mail, from the provider’s office to the insurance company after each visit. Washington state law generally allows health insurance companies up to 30 days to process a claim after they receive it. The insurance company will send the client and the provider’s office an E.O.B., or explanation of benefits, after they process the claim. The provider’s office will then send the client a statement reflecting any outstanding balance or credit.

The E.O.B. shows CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) codes for services, procedures, and products in a format the insurance company requires for billing and claims.  These codes tell the insurance company what services, procedures, and/or products were provided to the client. Patient evaluation and assessment of a condition are coded separately from procedures, services, and/or products. Procedures often require two or more billing codes to indicate procedure type and time. Patient evaluation and assessment is performed on the initial visit, and then periodically to re-evaluate progress or to indicate that a new or different condition is being evaluated, assessed, and treated.

The E.O.B. also shows the amount billed for each CPT code, and the portion of the bill the client and insurance policy are responsible for. The amount billed for each CPT code is based on the “usual and customary rate” (UCR) in the geographic location of your provider’s office.  All UCRs for any CPT code can be found at

In-network providers give negotiated discounts to insurance networks they contract with. In-network E.O.B. statements usually show an “adjustment” amount, which is a discount from the UCR. The “allowed amount” reflects the negotiated rate for each CPT code. The “patient portion” reflects the amount of the negotiated rate that is the patient’s responsibility to pay the provider. The “plan payment” amount reflects the insurance company’s portion of payment to the provider.

The most common CPT codes, billed in 15 minute segments, used by Licensed Massage Practitioners are:

  • 97124 (swedish massage)
  • 97140 (manual massage therapy)
  • 97010 (hot/cold therapy)

Prompt Pay Fee – Available Only At Time Of Service

A “prompt pay fee” is only available if service is paid in full at time of service and the office is not billing insurance.  A prompt pay fee is a discounted cost of service which saves the facility time and administrative costs, as well as saves the patient money on medical bills.  Those who qualify for this discounted service are:

  • Those who would like to pay a discounted rate for treatments.
  • Those who do not have insurance coverage, thus no insurance billing is required.